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The ProLine Flex I Cartoner is designed to be paired with current generation high-speed Continuous Motion VFFS machines like the Triangle X-Series.

Flex I loading & indexing speeds to 100/min perfectly match the VFFS output for the vast majority of bag-in-box applications.

Flex I specifications:
• Carton sizes: from 4"L x 1-1/4"W x 6"D to 9"L x 7"W x 13"D
• Speed: Up to 100 cartons/min
• Machine footprint: 17'3"x 8'8"
• Machine height: 6'10"
• Single and twin-pack bag-in-box capability standard (i.e. cereal)
• Multipack stacking capability standard
• Servo drives for intermittent motion control
• Allen-Bradley ControlLogix
• A-B Kinetics Servo Drives
• A-B PowerFlex AC Drives
• No-tool changeover (standard)
• Auto "W" and "D" changeover (optional)
• Full-surface flap plows
• Panelview color touchscreen display
• Sanitary frame construction
• 24/7/365 construction
• Painted frame or washdown construction (meet USDA standards)
• Modem for remote diagnostics and upgrades

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