Confectionery Packaging Solutions

With machines that package marshmallows, shredded coconut, candy, ice cream toppings, chocolate, confectionery products, and more, our candy packaging expertise is impressive. Confectionery packaging solutions include our VFFS Baggers, Combination Weighers, Flex 1 horizontal cartoner, Servo Trac carton loader, and Recipe Blending System.

X-Series Vertical Form Fill Seal Baggers

The X-Series is the Faster, Cleaner, Smarter packaging solution. Unique features include:



Available in intermittent or constant motion models, the X-Series VFFS bagging machines include 3 frame sizes and styles to best meet your application needs. With quick, tool-less changeover of sealing jaws or film rolls, all of our bagging machine models are designed to run multiple package styles and sizes on the same machine. For candy packaging applications, consider Model XYT15, which offers the ability to run quad seal, stand up bags, pillow bags, and gusseted bags, and features an optional integrated transverse zipper applicator. Changeover of forming tubes, film rolls, and sealing jaws is tool-less and quick, allowing candy packagers to enjoy less downtime and move more product out the door.

Ultrasonic Technology

Triangle is the only North American company to not only offer Ultrasonic sealing, but to provide the flexibility to run Ultrasonic or traditional heat sealing on the same bagging machine. A unique, cold sealing technology, Ultrasonic sealing offers many benefits to confectionery packagers, including improved OEE and reduced leakers, as well as labor, material and energy savings.


When it comes to sanitation, Triangle’s X-Series VFFS baggers are second to none. Customers love the open, accessible, easy to clean design. X-Series baggers are available in 3 levels of sanitation, including stainless steel, stainless steel washdown, and USDA/3A models, with control box ratings from Nema 12 to Nema 4X. In fact, Triangle offers the only vertical form fill seal bagger and forming tube designed to meet strict USDA and 3A sanitation standards.

In-Line Combination Weighers

Our InLine Combination Weighers include Model A612 and Model A918; both offer unique advantages for confectionery packaging applications. Offering unmatched accuracy, Triangle InLine Weighers feature vibration resistant weigh cells and hand-detachable buckets. An optional dust enclosure keeps powdered or sugary products in check. Additional options include smooth or Rigid-tex finish to ensure even product flow, as well as product blending systems. Pair the weigher with our X-Series vertical form fill seal machine for an integrated candy packaging system that can be run through a single HMI.

Flex 1 Horizontal Cartoning System

This unique solution is ideal for cereal packaging applications, and offers a complete bag in box packaging system in a compact footprint. The Flex 1 cereal packaging system includes an X-Series VFFS Bagger, InLine Combination Weigher, and horizontal cartoner, all controlled through a single control box with Rockwell Automation’s ControlLogix.

Product Blending System

Several product blending solutions are available for candy packaging applications with multiple ingredients. Choose from a single bagger and dual scale system or complete recipe blending system that combines multiple InLine Combination Weighers, X-Series VFFS bagging machines, and a Spout Oval depositing system to produce a perfect blend of your products. In fact, we guarantee that each bag will contain every ingredient at a pre-determined weight!

Rotary Depositing/Tray Loading Systems

Designed to fill trays or bowls at speeds up to 150 trays per minute, Triangle’s Rotary Depositor is a Tray and Bowl Loading System that can load a wide variety of products, including confectionery, nuts and snacks, and more. With a simple servo setting, speeds can change easily to match line-speed. The tray loader provides precise targeted dumps into small bowls or trays with partitions, and is ideal for hard-to-handle, odd-shaped, or sticky products.

Servo Trac Carton Loader

Triangle’s Servo Trac Carton Loader is designed to load product into tri-seal cartons, tubs, or other containers. When paired with a Triangle combination weigher or other scale, the system is an ideal solution for packaging loose product or wrapped candies. For bagged product, consider our Flex 1 horizontal cartoning system.

MACHINES – Recommended 

baggerX-Series VFFS Bagger

weigherInLine Combination Weigher

B-IN-BFlex 1 Bag-In-Box Cartoner

blendingProduct Blending System

fillerRotary Depositor/
Tray Loader

Servo Trac Carton Loader