Depositors & Tray Loaders

Depositors & Tray Loaders

We offer various depositing systems for loading product into cartons, trays, or bowls. Pair a Triangle Bagger or Depositor with one of our Combination Weighers for unmatched accuracy and seamless integration. All of our machines are built to the highest quality standards.


As one of the first companies in the world to manufacture vertical form fill seal bag machines, Triangle helped set an unparalleled standard of excellence for the industry. Today, 90 years later, we continue to build reliable, rugged machines that can withstand even the harshest environments. We offer a complete line of solutions for various markets and applications, as well as the latest technology.

Tray Loaders/Rotary Depositing Systems

The Industry’s Finest Tray & Bowl Loading System

  • Fills trays/bowls at up to 150/min
  • Speeds easily change to match line-speed; simple servo setting
  • Precise targeted dumps into small tray/bowl partitions
  • Easy to clean. No-tool wheel removal.
  • Entire operation visible to operator; no hidden parts
  • Run hard-to-handle odd-shaped or sticky products
  • Increased transfer time with unique design.

USDA Washdown; Stainless Steel Frame; Available in Nema, Nema 4X and 6P; Sealed Cabinets w/ Dryers; UL, CSA


Scale: Dual discharges at 60 WPM (120 BPM net)


Rockwell Automation ControlLogix Available with Advanced Diagnostics and Data Acquisition

Servo Trac Carton Loader

Triangle’s Servo Trac Carton Loader is designed to load product into tri-seal cartons, tubs, or other containers. When paired with a Triangle combination weigher or other scale, the system is an ideal solution for packaging loose product. For bagged product, consider our Flex 1 horizontal cartoning system.

Spout Oval Recipe Blending Machine

Triangle’s “spout oval” recipe blending system produces 120 bags per minute, with a guarantee that each bag will contain every ingredient at a pre-determined weight. Unmatched accuracies are as exact as they can be, hovering right around less than a fraction of an ounce. That’s a daunting task considering that the system blends 6 individual ingredients ranging from large pieces of protein down to small pieces of vegetables.

Each ingredient is weighed via its own in-line combination weigher. Several buckets ride along a track (spout oval) suspended underneath the series of weighers. As a bucket or collecting chamber passes underneath the weigher’s discharge hopper, the individual ingredient is discharged into the chamber. It goes on to receive the next ingredient, then the next and so on down the line. Once the traveling chamber has all required ingredients, it ultimately deposits the blended recipe into a vertical-form-fill-seal bag machine. Should the traveling chamber miss an ingredient, it continues to travel around the track until it receives the needed ingredient, before dumping into the bag machine.

The system’s non-proprietary ControlLogix platform from Rockwell Automation provides comprehensive system performance data which is collected for each component. In other words, at any point in time, through the system’s control panel, an operator can see exactly which ingredients are in each traveling bucket at any point in time. He or she can also check the accuracies of each of the individual products in a particular bucket at any point in the operation. ControlLogix makes the system very operator-friendly, allowing a single point of system control via the spout oval human machine interface (HMI).