VIDEOS | Overview - XYRJ VFFS Bagger with rotatable sealing jaw

Overview – XYRJ VFFS  Bagger with rotatable sealing jaw

Triangle Model XY-RJ VFFS Bagger

An interview with Mike Wolf, P.E., Triangle Package Machinery

Hello, my name is Mike Wolf, and I’m an engineer at Triangle Package Machinery. I’m here to tell you about the XYT rotatable jaw constant motion bag machine. This machine is part of the XY family of Triangle vertical form fill seal baggers. And just like every other machine in the XY family, we’ve got a stainless steel welded frame, we have a sanitary design, and we have parts really designed for service, where you can access the machine from all sides and you can really get where you need to go.

The new feature on this machine is that we have a rotatable jaw that allows you to make bags in either standard configuration or in a 90-degree rotation, so you can make more bags on the same machine. Now, the most impressive thing about it is that we’re taking this rotation and we’re doing in under 10 minutes. So one person with one tool can walk up to the machine and do the rotation.

So to rotate the jaw it’s a three-step process. First, you loosen the three bolts that fix it in the location it’s in. Then, you slide the mechanism over to the other position until it hits a hard stop. And then you tighten the three bolts in the final position. That’s it. It takes less than 10 minutes. There are no cables to deal with. It works really well.

Another new feature on this machine is that we have a drag seal, which allows you to make a vertical seal with the heaters right next to the film insulated in a plastic sleeve. What this means is the heaters will heat up in less than thirty seconds and the rest of the assembly stays cool and safe to touch when you’re setting up the machine.

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