XYRJ | Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

  • Max Speed – 120/min
  • Max Bag Width – 15” (381mm)
  • Min Bag Size – 2.5″x 2.0″ (64mmx 50mm)
  • Machine Footprint – 72″ x 81″ (1829mm x 2057mm)
  • Machine Height – 75” (1908mm)
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XYRJ – Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Rotatable sealing jaw runs multiple package styles

The versatile Model XYRJ is a vertical form fill seal (vffs) bagging machine designed to run a wide variety of bag styles, including 3-sided seal, Doy, pillow, and gusseted bags. A rotatable sealing jaw provides more flexibility than ever, allowing packagers to run multiple package styles on the same machine.

Model XYRJ offers other benefits as well, including ease of set up and maintenance, better product flow, improved sanitation, and the speeds you need to improve production. A longitudinal zipper applicator and Ultrasonic cross seal and/or back seal are also options.

The bagger is ideal for a variety of markets, including cereal and oatmeal, cheese, coffee and powders, crackers, produce, IQF products, meat, poultry, and seafood.


  • Rotatable sealing jaw provides more versatility to run multiple package styles
  • Easy to rotate jaw requires no heavy equipment or complicated tools – switch formats in 10 minutes or less
  • Run various bag styles, including 3-sided seal, Doy, pillow, and gusseted bags
  • Speeds up to 120 bags per minute
  • Stainless steel film cage
  • Rockwell Automation Controls and Servo Motors
  • Four sides of machine access with pivoting control box
  • Intuitive Operator Controls
  • Optional zipper applicator
  • Optional Ultrasonic sealing

Triangle XYRJ VFFS Bagger

XYT-RJ Intro at Pack Expo

Rotatable Sealing Jaw

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