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Nutraceutical Packaging Solutions
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Improve the Health of Your Nutraceutical Packaging Operations

Filling your nutraceuticals shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why Triangle nutraceutical packaging solutions are designed to meet the needs of the industry. Triangle pre-made pouch machines automatically fill and seal pouches of nutraceuticals while reducing production complexities and ensuring the integrity of your product. Achieve your healthiest production line yet.  


Easily Fill and Seal Pre-Made Pouches of Nutraceuticals

Consumers don’t just want it to be simpler to be healthy, they want their packaging to be easier to open, too. Easily fill pre-made 3-sided seal and Doy bags, as well as zippered bags of nutracetuical products such as protein or collagen powders, vitamin gummies and more at speeds up to 60 pouches per minute with a Triangle pre-made pouch machine.

Store up to 48 recipes for quick and simple changeovers with this nutraceutical packaging solution. A built-in help screen with photos makes step-by-step guidance a breeze. Optional scoop insertion available.   

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Enhance my food packaging safety

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