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Pet Food
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Enhance Your Pet Food Packaging 

Dry kibble, dog and cat treats, pumpable wet food and cat nip, Triangle can package it all–and then some. 

Triangle pet food packaging solutions include vertical form fill seal (VFFS) baggers, inline weighers, rotary wheels, bag-in-box cartoners and pre-made pouch machines.


Increase Pet Food Filling Speeds with VFFS Baggers

Our vertical form fill seal (VFFS) baggers quickly fill and seal bags and pouches of pet food. These VFFS machines allow for quick changeover and are easy to clean due to their accesible design, helping increase pet food packaging line efficiencies. Available in various levels of sanitation, including stainless steel, stainless steel washdown and USDA/3-A models.  

For high-speed pet food packaging applications, integrate a VFFS bagger with a high-speed cup filler from one of our preferred partners.

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Overcome Floor Space Limitations with Inline Weighers

Grow your business without moving to a new facility or meticulously reconfiguring your entire line. Triangle inline weighers are made to meet the needs of various pet food applications. They are accurate and easy to use, featuring vibration-resistant weigh cells and hand-detachable buckets. An optional dust enclosure is available for dusty products. Additional options include smooth or Rigid-Tex finish to ensure even product flow and product blending systems.  

Pair with a VFFS machine for an integrated pet food packaging system that can be run through a single HMI. No mezzamine is required. Mount an inline weigher directly on top of a bagger to reduce your footprint and the amount of floor space needed for your equipment.  

Quickly Fill Trays and Bowls of Pet Food with a Rotary Wheel

Triangle rotary wheels fill trays or bowls of pet food products at speeds up to 150 trays per minute. With a simple servo setting, easily change speeds to match line speed. The tray loader provides precise targeted dumps into small bowls or trays with partitions and is ideal for soft and pumpable wet pet foods.

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Increase Bag-in-Box Cartoning Speeds

For bag-in-box pet applications such as pet treats, Triangle’s unique compact solution automates the production process while providing greater flexibility, lower maintenance and reduced downtime with quick and simple changeover. These bag-in-box cartoners can even achieve speeds up to 100 cartons per minute.

For a complete bag-in-box pet food packaging system, pair a VFFS bagger and inline multihead weigher with a bag-in-box machine, all controlled through a single control box with Rockwell Automation’s ControlLogix.  

Fill and Seal Multiple Pre-Made Pouches of Pet Products on One Machine 

Fill pre-made 3-sided seal and Doy bags, as well as zippered bags of pet products such as treats, fresh pet food and dry kibble at speeds up to 60 pouches per minute with a Triangle pre-made pouch machine. These pre-made pouch machines are ideal for smaller start-ups and are built and supported in the USA.  

Store up to 48 recipes for quick and simple changeover. A built-in help screen features photos to make step-by-step guidance easily accesible.  

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Enhance my food packaging safety

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