In-Line Weighers
Spining Accent Triangle

In-Line Weighers

Offering unmatched accuracy, Triangle in-line multihead weighers are ideal for a wide variety of food packaging applications, from semi-moist or IQF products such as frozen vegetables to dry flowables such as cereal or pasta, as well as various confectionery products. Triangle in-line multihead weighers are available in two base models: Model A612 and Model A918. Model A612 features 12 selection buckets (4” x 4”) and a maximum speed of 135 discharges per minute. With 18 selection buckets (4” x 4” or 4” x 6”), Model A918 offers a maximum speed of up to 165 discharges per minute.

Why Triangle In-Line Weighers?

We know your product! Our in-line multihead weighers feature three different product feeding methods, depending on your product characteristics: vibratory trays, a hopper, or a unique belt-fed system for fresh products. This ensures optimum product distribution and weight accuracy. All designs feature quick, hand-removable features for easy accessibility and sanitation. In addition, the split tray design offers a multiple-product blending option. Available in smooth or Rigid-Tex finish to ensure smooth product flow.


Integrated Food Packaging Systems

Combine a Triangle vertical form fill seal bag machine with one of our multihead weighers for a complete single-source integrated system. Product flow is an integral component to the success of your food packaging line. Our ability to control that product flow and ultimately get your product into a bag is unmatched. Pair a Triangle VFFS bagger and multihead weigher for the industry’s most reliable integrated food packaging system.

Easy to Operate Controls

Non-proprietary controls are user-friendly and easy to maintain. As a Rockwell Automation Preferred Machine Builder Partner, we offer Rockwell ControlLogix, which allows us to offer both the bagger and scale with one control box – an industry first! Reliable and expandable, we offer advanced diagnostics and easy network data acquisition.


Standard Features

  • Mount directly over VFFS to save space
  • Fast double-door bucket design reduces product streaming
  • Vibration-resistant weigh cells
  • Quick-change, tool-less, hand-removable buckets and front trays
  • Rockwell Automation (AB) controls
  • Operator-friendly touch screen controls

Optional Features

  • Multiple product blending
  • Adjustable feed trays
  • Fragile product handling features
  • Three product feed systems
  • Product grader module
  • Sloped discharge hopper
  • Rigid-Tex product contact parts
  • Electropolish and proprietary release coatings
  • Dust control enclosure
  • Sift-proof, sealed bearing bucket doors
  • Water spray
  • Timing gate for high speed product control

In-Line Weighers Specifications

Max Speed Up to 165/min
Max Weighment/Discharge 60 oz to 200 oz
PLC Rockwell
Connection Ethernet

Enhance my food packaging safety

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