Compact Sanitary VFFS Bagger (CSB)
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Need Robust Bagging in a Small Footprint?

Triangle Compact Sanitary Baggers (CSB) allow food packagers and processors to achieve optimized forming, filling and sealing yields within a small footprint while enhancing food safety. Built and serviced in the USA at our Chicago, IL facility, the Compact Sanitary VFFS Bagger is backed by our 100+ years of experience. Designed to meet sanitary washdown requirements, the CSB is designed for the produce market, but can be used for a variety of markets, including cereal, meat and poultry and more.

Compact Sanitary VFFS Bagger

Compact Sanitary Baggers Give Your Production the Versatility It Needs

Compact Sanitary Baggers are designed to be accessible, and work with a wide variety of products and bags in addition to being user friendly. Key benefits include:

  • Run bag sizes from 2.5” to 13” wide and 15” long in a narrow 36” machine width
  • State-of-the-art sanitation designed to clean in place
  • Can pair two baggers side by side with a single scale
  • Ethernet communication for high data transfer speed and connectivity
  • Run 70+ bags/minute (120-140 bags/minute in dual configuration)

Save Space with Compact Packaging Machines

When you need a bagger, but don’t have a lot of space to work with, a compact solution is the answer. The Triangle Compact Sanitary Bagger (CSB) is designed for dual configuration capabilities, allowing you to run two baggers side-by-side or use as single independent bagger to optimize your floorspace. Space-saving features include:

  • 35” center-to-center distance for scale discharges 
  • Pivoting HMI allows access to both screens from either side
  • Internally mounted control box leaves extra room in aisleways
Compact Packaging Machine
Compact Sanitary VFFS Bagger

Enhance Food Safety with Sanitary Design Features

Keeping your product food-safe is of the utmost importance. WIth state of the art sanitation and washdown capability, the Compact Sanitary  Bagger is designed to meet strict sanitary requirements. Sanitary design features include:

  • Solid round bar stainless steel frame, fully welded and electropolished
  • Film path covered by stainless steel top plate
  • Ability to clean in place
  • 3A-rated feet
  • Open concept frame
  • Internally-mounted, pivoting control box for easy machine access
  • Anodized and Teflon-coated aluminum jaws and heater bars
  • Discharge height at 32” to allow for sanitary conveyors
  • Optional 3A rollers


The Compact Sanitary Bagger is designed to easily integrate into your new or existing line while providing high-speed, sanitary forming, filling and sealing.

X-Series Specifications:
Max Speed Up to 100/min
Max Bag Width 13"
Footprint  36"W x 120"D
Control Box  NEMA 4X
Rating  IP69K Servos
PLC Rockwell
Connection Ethernet
Sealing Options Heat or Ultrasonic

Enhance my food packaging safety

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