Ultrasonic Baggers

Ultrasonic Welding Technology is available on these Triangle Baggers:
  • Model XS08/8U and XYS08/8U
  • Model XM/11U and XYM/11U
  • Model XT/11U and XYT/11U
  • Model XY-RJ

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VFFS Baggers with Ultrasonic Sealing


Our X-Series VFFS Baggers with Ultrasonic sealing help improve OEE by creating an airtight seal, which significantly reduces leakers and rejects, and offers savings on film, material, and labor. This cold sealing technology also provides energy savings and other benefits, and is ideal for various markets, including cheese, confectionery, leafy produce, liquids, powders, and seafood.

Ultrasonic cross seal and back seal options are available on several Triangle VFFS Baggers. And, we offer the flexibility to easily switch between Ultrasonic cross seal and traditional heat seal on the same bagging machine!

Benefits of Ultrasonic Sealing Technology:

Reduce Materials
  • 50-80% narrower seals vs heat
  • Reduction of package headspace
  • Potential reduction in secondary packaging
Reduce Maintenance
  • Reduce contamination of sealing tools
  • Reduce changeover time
  • Eliminate tool cooling time
Reduce Energy
  • Even temperature distribution
  • Sealing times between 80 and 200 ms
  • Short cycle times
Improve OEE
  • Closed-loop system; measurable feedback
  • Reduce / eliminate leakers
  • Intelligent adjustment of sealing parameters
  • Increase overall throughput
  • Estimated ROI from 6 months to 2 years


Optional Features:

  • Quick changeover from Ultrasonic to heat sealing jaws
  • Available in constant or intermittent motion
  • Ultrasonic cross seal
  • Ultrasonic back seal (constant motion only)
  • Available in stainless steel, stainless steel washdown, and USDA/3A models
  • Gas flush valve applicators


Triangle VFFS Bagger with Ultrasonic Sealing

Ultrasonic Sealing Explained