Flex 1 Horizontal Cartoner

Flex 1 Specifications
  • Max Speed – 100 cartons/minute
  • Max Carton Size – 10.125” L x 7” W x 14” D
  • Min Carton Size – 4” L x 1.5” W x 6.13” D
  • Machine Footprint – 17’3″x 8’8″
  • Machine Height – 6’10”

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Flex 1 Horizontal Cartoner / Bag in Box System

The ProLine Flex 1 Cartoner is designed to be paired with current generation high-speed Continuous Motion VFFS machines like the Triangle X-Series.

Flex 1 loading and indexing speeds to 100 cartons per minute perfectly match the VFFS output for the vast majority of bag-in-box applications.

Key Features:

  • Single and twin-pack bag-in-box capability (i.e. cereal)
  • Multipack stacking capability
  • Servo drives for intermittent motion control
  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix
  • A-B PowerFlex AC Drives
  • No-tool changeover (standard)
  • Auto “W” and “D” changeover (optional)
  • Full-surface flap plows
  • Panelview color touchscreen display
  • Sanitary frame construction
  • Painted frame or washdown construction
  • VPN access for remote diagnostics and upgrades


Flex1 Horizontal Cartoner – at Pack Expo 2014

Flex1 Twin Pack

Triangle Flex 1 Horizontal Cartoner

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