XYS08 | Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagger


  • Max Speed – 150/min
  • Max Bag Width – 8” (208mm)
  • Min Bag Size – 2.5″x 2.0″ (64mm x 50mm)
  • Machine Footprint – 56″ x 80″ (1435mm x 2035mm)
  • Machine Height – 60” (1527mm)

Let us help you become more competitive, increase production, and improve OEE. Request a free consultation and allow us to find the best vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bagger for your packaging needs.

XYS08 – Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagger

With fast changeover and speeds up to 150 bags per minute, Model XYS08 is a continuous motion vertical form fill seal (vffs) bagger that saves our customers valuable time and improves productivity. Offering high speed bagging in a compact footprint, Model XYS08 is ideal for high speed applications such as snacks and nuts, small cut produce, confectionery products, rice and powder, and can run a variety of bag styles in both supported and unsupported film. Key benefits include:

 Optimized Output

As with all vffs baggers in the Triangle X-Series, Model XYS08 offers less downtime and greater efficiency, so users can move more product out the door and improve OEE. Our vertical form fill seal baggers are designed with constant film motion for consistent web tracking and superior back seals, and provide optimized sealing time.

Flexibility and fast changeover

Reduce non-productive downtime with tool-less cross jaw changeover, fast and precise forming tube changes, and a unique center-lining feature. The compact Model XYS08 VFFS Bagger can run pillow, gusset, and flat bottom bags from 2.5“ to 8“ wide.

Increased productivity

In addition to high bagging speeds, Triangle’s Model XYS08 vertical form fill seal bagger allows users to change from supported to unsupported film in less than 15 minutes, and features a convenient start/stop button on the back of machine.

Looking for a Faster, Cleaner, Smarter solution to your food packaging needs? Consider Triangle’s Model XYS08. Key features:


  • Constant motion bagger offers speeds up to 150 bags/minute.
  • All servo vffs baggers for faster operating speeds
  • Quick changeover of sealing jaws to switch between laminate and non-laminated film
  • Constant film motion for consistent web tracking and superior back seals.
  • Unique center-lining features provides quick changeovers an increased uptime.
  • Film roll changes achieved in less than a minute with our 2-position film roll feature
  • Jaw carrier available with no-tool, quick changeover feature
  • Convenient start/stop button on back of machine allows quicker film changeovers.
  • Open-frame architecture for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Pivoting control box for 360-degree machine access
  • 3 levels of sanitation, including stainless steel frame, stainless steel washdown, and advanced sanitary design to meet USDA and 3A sanitation standards.
  • Continuously-welded tubular frame maximizes rigidity.
  • Cross members rotated 45 degrees to allow product runoff.
  • As a Rockwell Automation Machine Builder Partner,all machines utilize Rockwell Automation ControlLogix platform
  • Servo motors reduce troubleshooting and provide superior scalable performance
  • Jaw opening/closing is keyboard adjustable to insure superior end seals
  • We offer the only zipper applicator that is integrated into the film cage, which eliminates rejects caused by poor zipper placement
  • VFFS baggers can change speed based on an up-stream signal, without operator intervention!

XYS08 at Pack Expo

XYS08 with Auger