4 Types of Resealable Bags for Food

July 14, 2023 | Admin | VFFS Bag Machines

Selecting the resealable bag style that is appropriate for your application can be a challenging decision. But since most bag styles aren’t suitable for all products, it’s important to make sure you select the one that is.  

At Triangle, we’re committed to providing you with solutions that are customized to fit your needs. Versatile Triangle VFFS baggers are designed to accommodate the zipper package that’s right for you. That’s why we’ve been providing zipper packaging machinery since the 1980s, when we developed and introduced the industry’s first vertical zipper applicator. Over the years, we’ve further developed this technology while forming long-term partnerships with the industry leaders in resealable packaging such as Zip-Pak and FreshLock/Presto. 

Read on to learn more about four common types of resealable bag options for food products:  

Transverse Zippers for Flexible Zipper Packaging 

This is the most common type of zipper bag. With this bag style, the zipper is sealed across (transversely) the entire bag width. Users can also choose for the zipper to be sealed across just half of the bag, forming a pour spout. A special forming tube and additional parts are needed for your VFFS bagger for this bag to be compatible since the zipper is applied on the machine between the film roll and forming tube.  

21-1019_Icons_markets_bag styles_Full Zipper21-1019_Icons_markets_bag styles_Half Zipper

Transverse zipper bags are ideal for products such as stand-up bags of candy, bags of cereal, frozen foods such as meatballs and chicken nuggets, and snack foods.  

Zipper Tape Bags for Full Access to Contents 

Having the “mouth” of the package fully open across the entire width of the bag allows for easy access to the contents inside, making zipper tape bags ideal for products of various sizes. This includes vegetables such as baby carrots, sugar, frozen chicken and more. 

This type of bag is referred to as a 3-sided seal. A perforated zipper is sealed onto two edges of the bag with the use of rotated jaws on our Delta Series bagger 

21-1019_Icons_markets_bag styles_Zipper Tape

An optional unique center lining system allows for fast, color-coded adjustments, further making changeovers quick and easy.  

Zipper Bags Made with a Rotatable Jaw for Easy Changeover 

Unlike zipper tape, these 3-sided seal bags feature a zipper that is sealed into the film of the back seal, with the option for a perforated zipper. They are only achievable with the use of rotated jaws.  

Triangle X-Series RJ VFFS machines featuring a rotatable jaw allow you to simply switch formats in 10 minutes or less. The easy-to-rotate jaws require no heavy equipment or complicated tools. 

21-1019_Icons_markets_bag styles_Longitudinal

These bags are ideal for products such as beef jerky, candy, RTE chicken, RTE pork, RTE beef.   

Pre-Applied Zippers for a Lower Cost Solution 

If you need a turn-key solution that fits in your budget, pre-applied zipper bags may be ideal for your application. The zipper is pre-applied to the film with no additional parts being needed on the machine since the film simply goes over the forming tube. Since this type of bag has a smaller opening, you won’t have full access to the product. 

21-1019_Icons_markets_bag styles_Small Zipper

This lower cost alternative is suitable for smaller pieces of product, such as frozen foods, candy, dehydrated fruits and more. 


Still not sure which zipper bags for food products are right for your application? We’re happy to help! Reach out to us to discuss your options.   


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